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door channik
17 jan 2018, 02:02
Forum: Techniek
Onderwerp: Niveau Control Tempra SW
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Niveau Control Tempra SW

The site provides a schematic for a self-leveling rear suspension for the Fiat Tempra SW (SW stands for station wagon). It's pretty clear that this is an air lift (luftfeder) system with electronic control unit; the black box in the upper ...
door channik
31 mar 2015, 22:26
Forum: Techniek
Onderwerp: An enigmatic Marelli diagnostic tester: Check-Up 1
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An enigmatic Marelli diagnostic tester: Check-Up 1

Dear All, I'm addressing my question to the Thema group although it applies to Lancias and Fiats in general. As is pretty well documented Marelli made a diagnostic tester called the "Fiat-Lancia Tester" (FLT)—this website has a nice download of the German manual; it was also badged as the "Alfa Test...

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