Roadster life : Thema: The Last Great Lancia

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Roadster life : Thema: The Last Great Lancia

Bericht door Erwin123 » 27 sep 2019, 16:44

It can be argued that the Lancia brand died in 1994, when the last Thema rolled off the production line.
The Thema managed quite successfully to challenge the German dominance of the executive car sector, at least in Italy and France, its main markets.
The failure of the Gamma was a very recent memory, so the new Thema was a traditional three-box saloon that invented nothing but looked fresh and modern without trying too hard.
It was the right car at the right time: by 1984, when the Lancia Thema came out, Italy went on to enjoy a spectacular economic recovery from the 70s doldrums. The Thema became a status symbol, the car to have for thrusting executives or entrepreneurs.
Then, in 1986, the unthinkable happened... Ferrari!
The Thema 8.32 was equipped with a 3-liters V8, a highly modified version of the engine that powered the 308 and Mondial. It developed 215 HP, which doesn't sound like much today, but was Ferrari-grade power in the mid-80s.

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