Thema 8.32 & Thema LX

Hier kun je alles over de Thema kwijt dat je niet in een categorie kwijt kunt.
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Thema 8.32 & Thema LX

Bericht door danv6lx » 07 jan 2011, 23:19

Hi, all,

Happy New Year to the Forum members, with more Themas in our collections this year.

I'd like to raise the following issue, which I read in a website (unfortunately I haven't kept record of which it was):
Is it true that only the 8.32 and LX versions of the Thema can be even today registered as classic cars, despite the fact that the age of these cars has not yet reached the minimum age of cars, in order to become eligible to be classics?
The justification was that:
a) because these two versions were produced in very small numbers, compared with the rest of the "regular' versions,
b) the fact that the 8.32 is a very special car with special value, due to the Ferrari engine, this makes it rare,
c) the LX versions also fall within the same bracket, since they have the same equipment as the 8.32

Of course, in order the receive this certification, the authenticity has to be verified by the chassis number of the car, to prove that it was produced as an LX or an 8.32.

Has anyone ever come across this kind of information? Can anyone verify this?



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Re: Thema 8.32 & Thema LX

Bericht door Frank » 07 jan 2011, 23:33

Hi Dan,

I'm afraid the regulations on classic cars differ from one country to another, despite "Europe". In Holland, every car which is at least 25 years old and built before 1987 is considered as a classic, but in Germany every car that is 30 years or older can apply for a classic registration. I don't know the rules in Greece, you'll have to check with your local "DVLA".
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Re: Thema 8.32 & Thema LX

Bericht door Paolo » 07 jan 2011, 23:39

Hi Dan,

Ever heard of the poldermodel?

No kidding, in The Netherlands all Thema's are Classic Cars. And all Opel Astra's and Volkswagen Golfs of the same age.
There are no critera in Holland. The only advantage we have for vintage cars is that we don't have to pay road tax for cars older than 25 yrs. Other than that, there isn't any form of certification for classic cars.

Kind regards, Paul
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