Niveau Control Tempra SW

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Niveau Control Tempra SW

Bericht door channik » 17 jan 2018, 02:02

The site ... lante.aspx provides a schematic for a self-leveling rear suspension for the Fiat Tempra SW (SW stands for station wagon). It's pretty clear that this is an air lift (luftfeder) system with electronic control unit; the black box in the upper left side of the schematic appears to be a dash-mounted master switch. I presume it's applicable to the earliest years of the Tempra, i.e., the early 1990s.


Can anyone confirm or document the actual implementation of this system on a Tempra? VW Passat had a similar system from ca 1988 to 1992 for which I have found both schematics and actual photographs. Albeit similarities it seems unlikely that the two are same.

Whether or not "Sospensione posteriore autolivellante con il comando e' elettronico" was ever implemented in a Fiat vehicle, it is interesting to point out that Marelli, for its hand-held diagnostic computer "Fiat-Lancia Tester", went to the trouble to produce a module—M15A—that specifically tests "Niveauregulierung Tempra SW"; dates inside the program (using a hex editor to view the code in the eproms) are 14/1/91 and 13/5/91.

I hope someone can shed light on this mysterious Tempra option with specific Marelli test module.

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Re: Niveau Control Tempra SW

Bericht door Hans8V » 17 jan 2018, 21:34

Looking through ePer it seems to me that this suspension was a real option. Look here... If you turn to the startpage, you can select your own language somewhere...
But I really know nothing about Tempra's... hopefully somebody else has more knowledge about them?
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