Bring a trailer : Lancia Thema 8.32

Plaats hier je links naar interessante, leuke of mooie sites/efbeeldingen/filmpjes van de Lancia Thema of Kappa
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Bring a trailer : Lancia Thema 8.32

Bericht door Erwin123 » 14 aug 2019, 20:45

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Opmerkelijk genoeg veel enthousiaste geluiden (dat is wel eens anders - en dit exemplaar is niet echt fris).

Een bieder, Aleventhal, heeft interesse:

Aug 14 at 3:47 PM
$2,500 bid placed by aleventhal

Aug 14 at 3:46 PM
aleventhal 788
@bruce_m Can you please provide a little more color on what about the automatic climate control is not working? Is it just that AC does not blow cold, or is the control head dead meaning you can’t set any temperature or use the system in an way, or ? Do please let me know. Thanks!

PS I’ll add a bid so you take my questions seriously. ;)

Ik herkende die naam vanwege een andere recente BAT posting mbt tot een Ferrrari 400. Leuke auto overeenkomst voor mijzelf.

aleventhal 757
Marronne is the best color for this car, bar none. I used one of these as a daily driver / winter beater for years – mine was #049773, in the same colors. Commuted in and out of NYC in it, with 4 Blizzaks on 328 wheels for the winter. Put nearly 100k miles on it, burned a ton of oil, but needed basically no maintenance outside of filter changes (since the oil was basically self changing), and never left me stranded. I’ve since switched to Bentley for my dailies, can’t live without cruise control as I get older, but these are great cars, and used one every day for years. AMA.

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